What Is Incoming Mail Server Hostname

What Is Incoming Mail Server Hostname

In this era of technology, everyone uses an email address for different purposes.  But even they don’t know much about the functionality of Email. It is essential to know about it because sometimes people face problems and needs troubleshooting to solve those issues.

In this article, we let you know what incoming mail server is and how it works. It helps you to know the basics of Email and solve the issues if any you ever face.

What Does Incoming Mail Server Mean?

Every email address is linked with the incoming mail server, and every Email can be connected with one mail server only. For receiving the incoming emails from any other email address, it needs an email client. It is a type of program that is used to receive, read, reply, forward, or deletes the email messages.

You can use either dedicated email client like outlook or can use a web browser to get access to various web-based email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

When some send you a message on your email address, it remains stored on the incoming mail server. Once you download the Email, it automatically deleted from there, and you can’t download it again.

Incoming Mail Server

You must have to configure the correct settings of email client for downloading the Email. Usually, an incoming mail server uses any of the protocols. HTTP, POP3, and IMAP are the main protocols that incoming mail server uses.

People use different incoming mail servers to get access to the email address for sending and receiving emails. Various email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, etc. have their mail servers.

Many large organizations also have the separate mail servers that they use to communicate within the organizations and for store emails. They can also use the same server to communicate with customers from around the world.

How To Find Incoming Mail Server?

For setting up mail in different email clients like thunderbird, outlook, and mobile app, you are required to collect information about mail server. This information includes the address of the incoming mail server, type of mail server, and the port uses by software to run.

However, it is difficult to collect such information. Still, if you know that from where you locate it, you can configure the setup easily.

Configure The Mail Setup For Hotmail, Yahoo, And iCloud

For setting up the mail server, you have to decide the protocol that you want to use. Hotmail and yahoo offer support for POP3 and IMAP protocols while the iCloud only supports SMTP.

Before selecting the protocol, keep in mind that if you want to receive and check the mail in one place, then choose POP3. For example, in the mobile app or on the computer, and you are not capable of getting access to mail using browsers. But if you want to get access to multiple places, then select IMAP.

If you want to go with the POP3 protocol, then login to an email address using a web browser and select the options from the menu, select the option of connecting with devices using POP3 and save the settings.

Go to your mail software or app and type the mail server addresses and port in the software as mentioned below:

  • Hotmail/Outlook POP3: pop-mail.outlook.com port 995
  • Hotmail/Outlook IMAP: imap-mail.outlook.com port 993
  • Yahoo! POP3: pop.mail.yahoo.com port 995
  • Yahoo! IMAP: imap.mail.yahoo.com port 993
  • iCloud IMAP: imap.mail.me.com port 993

After the implementation of the above mention process, you can use email clients in mobile or computer for Hotmail, Yahoo, or iCloud.

Configure The Mail Setup Gmail

The setup process remains almost the same with a minor difference. Gmail offers support for IMAP and POP protocols.

However, we recommend using IMAP because it allows the users to get access to Email by using a browser along with mail clients. But if you want to use the POP protocol, it will not allow you to read the message once pop up on the client on mobile or computer.

For setup the client-server, login to Gmail using a web browser and go to settings. Enable any of the protocols that you want to go with from the forwarding option and save the settings.

Type the port and name of the incoming mail server in the fields of email software in the below mention format:

For IMAP Protocol:

imap.gmail.com and port 993

For POP Protocol:

pop.gmail.com and port 995

If you want to set up the client-server for the Email provided by an internet provider or for the server used in the organization, the process remains the same. But you have to give the information as per the protocol used by that server.


Using the client-server offers a lot of easiness for the reading and responding to the Email, but the setup process is somehow complicated. By reading the above article, you can easily complete the setup process. It also helps you to troubleshoot the problem if any occurs.

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