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NameProcessorRamHardNetworkAnti DDOSOpenstack KVMPriceOrder
Starter VPS1 vCORE2 GB20 GB SSDUnlimitedPRO IncludedIncluded
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Value VPS1 vCORE2 GB40 GB SSD NVMeUnlimitedPRO IncludedIncluded
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Essential VPS2 vCORE4 GB80 GB SSD NVMeUnlimitedPRO IncludedIncluded
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Comfort VPS4 vCORE8 GB160 GB SSD NVMeUnlimitedPRO IncludedIncluded
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Elite VPS8 vCORE8 GB to 32 GB160 GB to 640 GB SSD NVMeUnlimitedPRO IncludedIncluded
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VPS Hosting with Perfect Money

For you to use Perfect Money to pay for your servers, Arzhost has introduced Perfect VPS Hosting with Perfect Money.

It’s possible that Perfect Money was founded as early as 2007. It remained an alternative to the now-defunct Liberty Reserve for the following 6 years, nevertheless. It received little use or patronage.

The use of Perfect Money skyrocketed when the US authorities shut down Liberty Reserve in 2013 for money laundering, and it has remained hugely popular as a substitute digital currency ever since.

In addition to some degree in Japan, Perfect Money is well-liked in Iran, Vietnam, Nigeria, and Pakistan. What more are you holding out for?

Buy VPS Hosting with Perfect Money

A virtual machine called a virtual private server is one that is made available to you as a service and to which you will have full access to install software, host your files, execute applications, and do much more. Our VPS Hosting with Perfect Money is built on VMware ESXi hypervisors and is housed on top-notch hardware that can support several virtual machines.

Using premium hardware housed in top-notch data centers, Arzhost promises the fastest and highest quality service based on its years of experience offering virtual private servers.

With the aid of a group of IT specialists who work around the clock to support our clients, we have been able to maintain a 99.99% uptime. You can select the most practical location because our data centers are dispersed throughout ten different nations.

VPS servers can be ordered or purchased online using a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Webmoney, Perfect Money, and Bitcoin.

Get VPS Servers: Locations for VPS hosting include the United States (San Jose, Chicago, and New York), the United Kingdom (Manchester), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany (Frankfurt), Canada (Montreal), and France (Paris).

Secure Payment Transfer for VPS Hosting with Perfect Money!

The development of technology has allowed individuals to benefit from many different conveniences. Among all of these things, using the internet has given people a fantastic opportunity to make life much easier and more manageable.

The internet is responsible for making life easier and more fun. Due to the growing number of secure and convenient online payment options, people may now purchase the services and goods they want online and make the necessary payments.

Perfect Money is one of these payment options that has been able to draw in the most users globally. When it comes to providing their consumers with the greatest number of conveniences, even service providers and product manufacturers have praised this online payment processor.

All three of the aforementioned options provide you with a web server on which to host your website. But because of how they are set up, the features they offer, and the degree of personalization you could have with one, they are highly distinct from one another.

How VPS Hosting with Perfect Money Functions?

VPS “Hosting with Perfect Money” servers use the same technology as VMware and Virtual Box. The software enables the use of many virtualized operating systems on a single machine. For instance, Windows might be installed on your desktop.

But you don’t even need to restart your computer to use Linux or any other operating system type, like Windows XP. You may now use Perfect Money to transact business and receive the best VPS service.

In order to acquire the greatest service in this market, VPS Hosting with Perfect Money is currently a fantastic option for individuals. You can now make payments instantaneously using this payment processor.

When to Select a VPS for Perfect Money

1: You dislike PayPal’s stringent policies and sporadic account freezing.

You’re sick and tired of PayPal’s security-related actions. PayPal is notorious for abruptly freezing user accounts and then reopening them only after a protracted review that resembles an interrogation. We support alternative web payment methods like Perfect Money and Skrill specifically because of this.

2:  You should safeguard the details of your credit card.

It might not be a good idea to store your credit card information on your browser or to give it out every time you wish to make a purchase. Use a web payment solution like VPS Hosting with Perfect Money, which offers a variety of authentication options, to alleviate your worries. A security breach won’t be a concern for you longer.

Why Choose Arzhost for buy VPS Hosting with Perfect Money?

How to buy VPS Hosting with Perfect Money from us! VPS Hosting with perfect money is available from Arzhost and comes with the newest business-grade hardware. With Perfect Money, you may choose from a number of locations across the world to purchase our SSD-based VPS and personalize it to your tastes.

Our Linux and Windows VPS hosting services are as follows:

  1. Used with VMware ESXI;
  2. Having hardware RAID controllers that are set up in RAID 10;
  3. Versatile since we offer a wide range of operating systems, including every Linux distribution and every Windows OS. Your SSD VPS can be configured with the desired OS with only one click.

We offer a unique VPS control panel with flexible customization for each client who purchases an Arzhost VPS. This panel may be used to reboot, switch on and off, change passwords, install OS systems, and do much more.

You will have access to the Linux VPS in 28 seconds and the Windows VPS in 2 minutes once the payment has been validated. Purchase a Perfect Money VPS server right away.

Prior to starting your comparison process, you must choose the kind of web hosting that best suits your requirements as a webmaster. Shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting are your primary options. You might want to start researching low-cost shared hosting services if you’re just getting started online and don’t have many websites. A more potent VPS hosting package can be a better option if you want more control over your hosting account. Finally, you should start researching dedicated hosting plans if you’re very serious about succeeding online and you want the finest of the best.

Because they are so inexpensive, shared web hosting services are among the most widely used types of web hosting. With shared web hosting, a small portion of a web server that hosts hundreds of other websites is accessible to the plan holder. Partitions of these robust web servers are divided and assigned to web hosting clients. You have access to a predetermined number of server resources as a subscriber to a shared web hosting plan.

Making money with reseller hosting is a rather easy process. You can start constructing hosting plans as soon as you have paid the plan and have access to the server resources. The secret is to offer the server resources for a reasonable cost while yet adding a significant markup. For instance, if you are provided 120 GB of disc space and 1200 GB of bandwidth, you may create 10 hosting accounts with 100 GB of bandwidth and 10 GB of disc space each, keeping 20 GB of disc space for your personal hosting requirements.

If you purchase such a package for $49.95 per month and sell hosting plans for $10 per month each, you would make a profit of $50 per month and have access to 20 GB of free disc space for your personal usage. It is simple to understand why reseller hosting is growing in popularity given these advantages.


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