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NameProcessorRamHardNetwork SpeedOSLocationsPriceOrder
Value Dedicated RDP1 vCORE2 GB40 GB SSD250 MbpsWindows8 locations
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Essential Dedicated RDP2 vCORE4 GB80 GB SSD500 MbpsWindows8 locations
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Comfort Dedicated RDP4 vCORE8 GB160 GB SSD1 GbpsWindows8 locations
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Elite 8 GB 160 GB8 vCORE8 GB160 GB SSD2 GbpsWindows8 locations
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Elite 8 GB 320 GB8 vCORE8 GB320 GB SSD2 GbpsWindows8 locations
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Elite 8 GB 640 GB8 vCORE8 GB640 GB SSD2 GbpsWindows8 locations
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Elite 16 GB 160 GB8 vCORE16 GB160 GB SSD2 GbpsWindows8 locations
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Elite 16 GB 320 GB8 vCORE16 GB320 GB SSD2 GbpsWindows8 locations
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Elite 16 GB 640 GB8 vCORE16 GB640 GB SSD2 GbpsWindows8 locations
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Elite 32 GB 160 GB8 vCORE32 GB160 GB SSD2 GbpsWindows8 locations
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Elite 32 GB 320 GB8 vCORE32 GB320 GB SSD2 GbpsWindows8 locations
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Elite 32 GB 640 GB8 vCORE32 GB640 GB SSD2 GbpsWindows8 locations
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RDPs Server Compatible with

Buy RDP with Bitcoin

How to Buy RDP with Bitcoin? Offering Windows-based, dependable, high-quality, and affordable RDP administrators enables us. We offer genuinely dedicated resources that may either be selected from your plan or specially ordered upon request. Intel CPUs are used to power our servers.

You will always be able to use the pre-installed software and have unrestricted bandwidth for your Remote Desktop program. This service is provided with optimal solutions that are suited to your needs and tastes as well as pre-configured specs.

Buy RDP Server Remote Desktop Service

Purchase RDP if you want to use a remote desktop protocol to access a different PC. Arzhost offers admin access as part of its RDP service, and this service is unrestricted. An uptime of 99.99% is guaranteed for the Arzhost RDP service.

Freely use your applications, set up your setups, and navigate different limitations while browsing the internet without any restrictions. On the RDP (Remote Desktop) service, Arzhost provides dedicated static IP addresses and dedicated resources.

There are 12 sites worldwide where Arzhost RDP service is available. Netherlands, France, Germany, the United States (Florida, Texas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, New Jersey), Poland, the United Kingdom (London, Manchester), and Canada are the RDP locations that Arzhost offers (Montreal).

RDP can be purchased from Arzhost using a variety of payment options, including PayPal, Perfect Money PM, Credit Cards, and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC).

What is Windows RDP or Remote Desktop Server?

The name RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. Due to its quick internet speed, the remote desktop server can help you finish your task faster. Because it gives you a high internet speed, backup data, uploading data, and downloading are all very popular.

How to Buy RDP with Bitcoin? The Windows Remote Desktop Protocol allows you to remotely access a Desktop screen on your computer. With Windows RDP, you can connect to a machine that doesn’t physically exist and use its resources from your own system.

Any operating system, including Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux, can be used to access it. The window used to connect to RDP has a built-in function called “Remote desktop connection”.

Open the link provided here > Remote Desktop Protocol to learn more about How to Buy RDP with Bitcoin? in detail.

How does RDP work?

Consider a remote-controlled robot or toy car. The customer crushes attach and coordinate. The robot or vehicle is from a far distance, and their orders are transferred to the vehicle. Using RDP Remote Desktop Protocol is genuine like that.

The customer’s mouse improvements and keystrokes are shifting off their PC in a good way. Yet over the Internet rather than over radio waves. The customer’s workspace is displayed on the PC. They are communicating from, comparative like they were sitting before it.

The RDP Remote Desktop Protocol show opens a serious association channel for sending data along these lines. And that between the related machines. (the far away workspace and the PC right currently being used). It by and large uses network port 3389 So.

Benefits and Features of RDP

How to Buy RDP with Bitcoin? We provide trustworthy, high-quality, affordable RDP that runs on Windows Server 2012 or 2016, enabling us to deliver actual, dedicated resources that may be either selected from your plan or specially ordered upon request.

Intel CPUs power all of our servers. You will have unlimited bandwidth and continuous access to use the installed program when using Remote Desktop.

1: Exclusive IP Address

We give you a dedicated, clean, and whitelisted IP address.

Therefore, if you wish to send an email or run software and websites, this will be your best option.

2: Complete Admin Access

You do really have total admin access. All forms of software and applications can be installed and configured. On this RDP. You can also create a shared user account.

3: Installation of any software, program, or application

You have the ability to install and operate any kind of software or program thanks to administrator privileges. No requirement for an admin password to install the program, similar to shared RDP.

4: Dedicated Assets

You will receive resources that are set aside, such as RAM, CPU, and hard drives. Due to its devoted resources. it will give you the finest performance because all of these resources will be solely for you.

5: Adding More Than One RDP User

On this system, you can create several users and control their tasks remotely from your own machine. Any user created on this system can also be given admin access.

6: Utilizing Server Manager

You may easily enter its server management and alter the settings because it is an admin RDP.

7: A way to access the security settings

You have access to the security settings and can modify the level of security. You may quickly adjust a website, browser, or piece of software’s security settings if they are preventing it from operating properly.

8: Place a Custom Operating System in Place

On this RDP, you can install any version of the operating system. There will be an install window server 2019 when you acquire it. Later, you can modify it and install a different operating system on this RDP.

9: Obtain new hardware

If you have a small business and wish to update your RDP resources by expanding your enterprise, you can upgrade your RDP hardware resources (Ram, CPU, and storage, etc.).

10: Stream Media

From your system to your RDP and vice versa, you can move and copy files with ease. It offers a quick internet connection; thus it will save you time if you want to download a bigger file. Therefore, you can effortlessly download bigger files and move them to your machine.

11: Multiple Places

We offer you the RDP in many countries throughout the world, including Germany, the USA, the UK, Finland, and Canada, among others.

What is the Windows RDP connection process?

Any platform, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, can connect to a Windows RDP server. To connect to your RDP server on Windows, simply launch the Remote Desktop Connection software, provide your login information, and click “Connect”.

For a similar procedure on macOS, get the Microsoft Remote Desktop program from the App Store. Although there isn’t an official RDP program for Linux, Remmina’s functionality and usability lead us to recommend it.

There are numerous apps available for Android, iOS, and iPad OS that serve the same purpose.

Where do I find Windows RDP?

With Arzhost, you may pay for a Windows RDP server using your preferred cryptocurrency. Simply create an account, select “Add funds,” and enter the amount to be paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Following the creation of your server, your balance will be reduced hourly.

After registering for an account, you can speak with our support staff to receive a free trial of a Windows server. In order for you to determine whether the service is a suitable fit for you, they will provide you with a few hours worth of credit.

How to Buy RDP with Bitcoin? On our blog and in our help center, you may discover more information and guides about Window RDP. You are welcome to contact our knowledgeable support team by live chat if you’re searching for a more personalized touch. Any questions you may have regarding Windows servers may be contacted 24/7.

Buy RDP with Bitcoin - Buy RDP online

RDP is for sale with high-grade hardware, top security features, and reliable servers. If you are looking for the best RDP provider, then RDP is the best option for you. Arzhost provides you with world-class RDPs from different locations, including the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, and other many locations.

Arzhost not just deals with RDPs, but also offers VPS and Dedicated server services. You can purchase your server in different configurations.

We offer Remote Desktop Protocol with the latest processor. All windows server OS, Pre-installed Software.

How to Buy RDP with Bitcoin from us!

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Premium Port Speed
  • 24×7 technical support
  • With a Money Back Guarantee
  • Starting at only $18.00/month
RDP Security Best Practices by ARZHost

At arzhost.com, RDP Remote Desktop Protocol security best practices have to be taken on to guarantee organizations. It holds up data insurance back from advancing possibilities. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Software Different shrewd security repeats. It should be followed to the middle by all relationships to stay aware of RDP security.

  1. Ensure that the latest variations of client and server writing are. Computer programs represent engaged modified Microsoft Updates.
  2. Guarantee that you use two factors approval and pass on strong passwords while using RDP Remote Desktop Protocol.
  3. Ensure that the record lockout practice is starting to secure. The RDP structure against monster power attacks.
  4. Change the default RDP port from 3389 to another port.
What Benefits Are There to Purchasing RDP with Bitcoin?

This question has a straightforward solution. Since no organization or government controls Bitcoin, as was previously mentioned. You are entirely anonymous and not under the spotlight.

How to Buy RDP with Bitcoin? Here are a few justifications for purchasing RDP with Bitcoin. Bypassing and cheating in the payments of this digital currency network is decentralized, and Bitcoin has a very high level of security.

Due to the 21-million-unit supply cap on this digital currency. It can eventually compete with traditional currencies in terms of value.

  1. It doesn’t contain any payment fraud.
  2. No danger of identity theft exists.
  3. Transactions cannot be undone.
  4. Direct and unrestricted communication.
  5. Blocking Bitcoin is impossible.
  6. Special safety and scarcity.
Which Cryptocurrency Need to I Pick to Purchase RDP?

A money must be storable and possess the qualities of scarcity, divisibility, usability, transferability, stability, and forgery, and in the case of bitcoin, it possesses each and every one of these qualities.

Some RDP service providers accept all cryptocurrencies, while others only accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. As a result, the best cryptocurrencies to use to purchase RDP are Bitcoin and Ethereum.


In this article, we’ve provided various advices that demonstrate why Bitcoin is the ideal currency to use when purchasing services. Several factors, including anonymity, secure payment methods, etc.

I hope you’ve liked reading this and have discovered your answers.

Do not be hesitant to voice your ideas.


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