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Make your website safe, gain your customers’ trust with free SSL
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Want to boost your sales? With free SSL certificate it’s easy!

Get SSL certificate with Business cheap web hosting plan to protect your clients’ data. The link between your server and customer’s sensitive information, such as, credit card numbers, passwords and other login information is safely encrypted using our free SSL with every Business cheap web hosting plan. Such safe encryption will increase your revenue as your clients will trust your website more than your competition’s.

Using SSL certificate will prevent any hacker from getting sensitive information stored on your website or transferred via https SSL protocols. And with Hostinger you get a free SSL certificate with every Business web hosting plan. Don’t hesitate, make sure all your connections are safe with SSL and let your clients safely purchase your products or enter sensitive information on your website.

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL security is an encrypted path through which all sensitive information can travel safely. Free SSL that you get with our Business cheap web hosting plan will ensure your website is safe and your clients can feel secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Reseller Hosting – Getting Started FAQ

Without any doubt, All Arzhost customers have a free web hosting SSL certificate available through the Arzhost website for all domains and subdomains. They should install and activate themselves.

Now! Arzhost offers a FREE SSL certificates for web hosting businesses. Arzhost believes your private data should remain private! The free SSL Certificate included in our plans offers basic website protection. It allows you to set up trusted HTTPS on the website for encrypted connection.

Now we will discuss in detail the steps to create a free SSL certificate. Just follow the step by step details to create your SSL certificate for free:

  • Login to your cPanel website
  • Go to the security Section
  • Find SSL/TLS Status and click it
  • Select your Domain SSL certificate, if installed
  • Click into run AutoSSL
  • Save the certificate after getting it.

Does Arzhost offers a free SSL Certificate? Yes, with Arzhost, you get a free SSL Certificate with every business or web hosting plans. You ensure that all your website connections are safe and secure. You empower you clients to safely purchase your products or enter sensitive information on your website.

well the answer is yes. Your website need an SSL Certificate if you’re asking for any personal information. Any website without the SSL certificate will remain HTTP while those with encryption will show HTTPs in users.

Web Hosting websites need an SSL certificate to save user’s data security and verify management of the website. SSL Certificates also prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and convey trust to users. HTTPS is a secure form HTTP, which means that HTTPS websites have their traffic encoded by SSL.


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