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Are you looking for a Server with great performance at a reasonable price?
Our dedicated servers we offer the best value for money on the market.

NameProcessorRamHardAnti DDOSBackupPriceOrder
Intel Xeon E3-1225v23.2GHz /3.6GHz CPU16GB3x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)


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Intel Xeon E3-1245v23.4GHz /3.8GHz CPU32GB3x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)


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Intel Xeon E3-SAT-1-323.2GHz /3.6GHz CPU16GB3x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)


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Intel Xeon E3-1245v23.4GHz /3.8GHz CPU32GB2×480 GB SSDIncluded100 GB (Included)


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Intel Xeon D-15202.2GHz /2.6GHz CPU32GB4x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)


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Intel Xeon E3-1231V34c/8t 3.4GHz /3.8GHz CPU32GB2×480 GB SSDIncluded100 GB (Included)


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Intel Xeon E3-1231v34c/8t 3.4GHz /3.8GHz CPU32GB4x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)


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Intel Xeon E5-1630v34c/8t 3.7GHz /3.8GHz CPU64GB4x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)


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Intel Xeon E5-1630v34c/8t 3.7GHz /3.8GHz CPU64GB2×480 GB SSDIncluded100 GB (Included)


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CPUCPU CoresCPU SpeedRAMStorageBandwidthPriceOrder
Dual Intel Xeon 51XX2 Processors – 4 Cores / 4 Threads2.66Ghz – 3.0Ghz16GB DDR22x 500GB SATA1Gbit Port: 100TB/Month


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Dual Intel Xeon 51XX-22 Processors – 4 Cores / 4 Threads2.66Ghz – 3.0Ghz16GB DDR21x 60GB SSD + 2x 500GB SATA1Gbit Port: 100TB/Month


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Dual Intel Xeon 51XX-32 Processors – 4 Cores / 4 Threads2.66Ghz – 3.0Ghz16GB DDR24x 250GB SATA1Gbit Port: 100TB/Month


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Dual Intel Xeon 54202 Processors – 8 Cores / 8 Threads2.5Ghz16GB DDR2 ECC2TB SATA1Gbit Port: 100TB/Month


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Dual Intel Xeon 5420-12 Processors – 8 Cores / 8 Threads2.5Ghz16GB DDR2 ECC2x 1TB SATA1Gbit Port: 100TB/Month


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Dual Intel Xeon 5420-22 Processors – 8 Cores / 8 Threads2.5Ghz16GB DDR2 ECC240GB SSD1Gbit Port: 100TB/Month


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Dual Intel Xeon 5420-32 Processors – 8 Cores / 8 Threads2.5Ghz16GB DDR2 ECC240GB SSD + 2TB SATA1Gbit Port: 100TB/Month


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Dedicated Server Compatible with

Purchase Dedicated Server with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an innovative network platform and a new type of money”, as mentioned on the professional Bitcoin website! Bitcoin is known to be he digital forex which is delivered to the world over a decade in the past in the year 2009. Unlike different form of currencies (USD, EUR, PND), which are all known to be government-issued, bitcoin is hence all the more operated below a decentralized authority.

Bitcoin started at the rate of $0.08 per bitcoin (2009 Jan), and now it has all reached at a spectacular rise of almost $60000 (2021 April). Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with no bodily bitcoins present; just balances saved on a public ledger (blockchain) that all and sundry has get access to.

With the world interest toward Bitcoin, many retail outlets and retailers are beginning to be given bitcoin repayments with its developing influence. Bitcoin won the ultimate reputation just due to the reality that it is all known to be the world’s first basic decentralized digital currency.

Buy dedicated servers with Bitcoin

Speaking from the standpoint of the hosting provider, cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin in particular, have dramatically altered the game’s rules. On the one hand, pay for dedicated server with bitcoin is now lot quicker and simpler, but on the other, safety and privacy have greatly improved. ARZHOST is a web hosting company that is openly privacy-driven. Rather than gathering customer information, ARZHOST is far more interested in their behavior as demonstrated by their reliability, trustworthiness, and consistency.

We sincerely hope that you will appreciate the widespread use of privacy protection and reduced transaction costs that cryptocurrencies have made possible. In fact, when it comes to offshore hosting, Bitcoin has emerged as one of the essential aspects. If you’re interested in learning more about other fascinating features.

Dedicated Server’s Bitcoin

You don’t share resources with anyone else, which is a very special benefit you receive from renting a cheap dedicated server bitcoin. You have considerably more control over the hardware and software settings of the server as you won’t be disturbing any nearby neighbors. For individuals working on resource-intensive apps or web projects. This important shade may be vital.

If you choose dedicated bitcoin server hosting, there will be no resource sharing because you will be renting the entire server. Additionally, it allows you a lot more freedom to customize the hardware and software on the server to meet your individual requirements. While cheap dedicated server hosting is necessary for many companies to execute resource-intensive applications or online projects. It is our responsibility to advise you of an appropriate configuration relating to your needs.

Payment for Dedicated Servers with Bitcoin

Because there are no restrictions, buy dedicated server with bitcoin is not just a fantastic choice for huge business owners; it is also a good decision for you to run a game server, host a website, back up your data, establish a VPN server, create virtual machines, run a private mail server, and more! Arzhost provide bitcoin dedicated servers with affordable price.

Buy dedicated server with bitcoin (BTC), Perfect Money (PM), PayPal, and a credit card, you can purchase a dedicated server (CC). Payment gateways that are popular, safe, and simple! We provide immediate dedicated servers and custom-built servers in more than 20 locations across America, Europe, and Asia from the most dependable data centres!

For businesses, organizations, and institutions that require more/dedicated bandwidth, resources, IP blocks, and privileges, a dedicated server is an appropriate and effective service. Since all of the hardware is dedicated, a virtualization system (such as VMware, KVM, etc.) can partition the dedicated server into a number of VMs running various Linux and Windows operating systems.

Dedicated Server with Bitcoin

A dedicated server indicates a computer with particular hardware resources (RAM, CPU, HDD, etc.) that employs data centre services such as DC power, appropriate bandwidth, cooling system, and dedicated IP. Through the intranet or the Internet, it is also feasible to converse remotely. With this kind of service, the user can connect remotely to his server from any location.

Without any restrictions from the provider organization, it is also feasible to quickly install the necessary operating system and applications and implement the essential settings. These services give users free access to fully dedicated hardware resources. We want to thoroughly introduce you to dedicated servers in this article and show you How to Buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin on Arzhost.

Bitcoin Server Hosting Benefits

  • You will have complete control over how you spend the money without having to deal with a middleman (banks and governments).
  • Unless you want to publicly disclose your name, no Bitcoin transaction will ever be linked to you personally.
  • Focusing on peers Without involving any outside parties. You can send and receive money from anyone on the network anywhere in the world.
  • High transaction costs that are typical of bank transfers will no longer apply to you.
  • Affordable international payment fees
  • There is no longer a need to wait for a transaction to finish.
  • May complete transactions using only a cell phone.
  • Available from any location. All you need is a computer or smartphone and access to the internet.

Contact us to buy Dedicated Server with Bitcoin

Apart from the traditional payment methods, our platform now accepts the Bitcoin as the form of payment for the dedicated servers and all other services through our website. With the huge increasing popularity of the Bitcoin use, we do think that this payment option will definitely make the customers satisfied with our decision to trust with their hosting needs.

Why you should Pay for a Dedicated Server with Bitcoin?

  • None Chargebacks:

The Bitcoin sender would no longer be able to retrieve them without the set of the recipient’s consent. This is making it challenging to commit fraud frequently just as related with the credit score cards. Only the owner has the related key after transaction, making sure no danger worried when receiving Bitcoins.

  • Free of any Fees:

No annual fee or no introductory fee, no pastime fee, no late charge cost fee, or no overseas transaction fee, or no minimal savings fee.

  • More Privacy:

A Bitcoin transaction is comparable to a money transaction the place the buy is no longer related with non-public identity, in contrast to a returned account or credit score card transaction. Last year, around the 30% of Americans did no longer have any of the deposit card. The proportion of Americans who have no deposit cards continues to upward push each year.

  • Less Theft:

Identity theft can somehow appear when websites almost get hacked and your all records will become as available. With Bitcoin, your non-public key is secret and is by no means given to the merchant.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to use the Bitcoin to pay for the services! If yes, then for any queries and concerns, get in touch with our team right now and we are available 24/7 to answer all your queries. Contact us now!


Arzhost has you covered if you’re searching for a dedicated server that performs well. Dedicated Server Bitcoin or one of our other payment methods, you can purchase a dedicated server. Once the order has been processed, the dedicated server will be provisioned in 1 to 7 days. if you want to know the working, benefits, and other aspects of a dedicated server you can read our blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Several web hosting companies flowing in the web hosting ocean wave-out their plans. Then why choose our hosting at Arzhost., We present you with record flexibility and loyalty in Dedicated Server Bitcoin plans out there with extremely dedicated service support for 24/7/365. Structures that make Arzhost considerable trustworthy web hosting are standard form potentials in services as;

  • speed or swiftness
  • 9% uptime surety
  • dedicated service support
  • backup, and unlimited clouding space

These things bring Arzhost upfront in the row of competitors.

Arzhost presents you with a miraculous dedicated server Bitcoin hosting case-off best features of top-quality hosting services. When you have owned a website and looking for the best web hosting company over there. Then what key points upon which you will decide a web hosting for your website to run marvelously. You will decide the best features of top quality hosting on the bases;

  • Uptime & swiftness of your website
  • High-quality bandwidth and website protection
  • Top-up technical support
  • Large-scale cloud spacing
  • Website backup and renovation
  • Email management system
  • Safeguard your server location
  • Reasonable rates with high-quality featured services.

If you are looking for the best Dedicated Server Bitcoin to build up your website’s status in-house. Then what is the best hosting site for you and why? Many packages have screened off at you. But when it comes to the right selection of the best hosting site. Then astonishing features for the best hosting site should be detected. High-rated hosting site Arzhost presents exceptional server maintenance with a high superlative speed of action and the galaxy of weekly cloud backup. Arzhost especially proceeds precaution with cheap pricing and no compromise with qualitative service in hosting.

You should be aware that you have a variety of hosting service options available to you if you intend to establish your own website and want to purchase a dedicated server. Sometimes it’s challenging to make the best decision. In this post, we’ll define bitcoin dedicated server hosting and discuss how they might benefit your company. You may increase the number of users who access your content and services by optimizing the speed and quality of your website or mobile application.
When and how should I make my dedicated server bitcoin payment?
Here at Arzhost, you may purchase a bitcoin dedicated server using a variety of payment methods, including Bitcoin, PayPal, Perfect Money, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, and many more.The ordering process offers monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual billing cycles. For some dedicated servers in Arzhost, you could only see annual billing.

There are several benefits to using Bitcoin to pay for our other products or dedicated servers:

  1. Due to the lack of restrictions like with banks, payments will be instant.
  2. Pay whenever you want; bitcoin has no “working hours”
  3. User privacy: No user information is exposed when transactions are recorded in the public record.
  4. Nearly 2 billion individuals lack access to a bank. These individuals can conduct transactions thanks to Bitcoin.
  5. High transactional honesty
  6. Payments can be made without disclosing personal information.
  7. 24/7 tracking of every transaction

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