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NameProcessorRamHardAnti DDOSBackupPriceOrder
Intel Xeon E3-1225v23.2GHz /3.6GHz CPU16GB3x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)
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Intel Xeon E3-1245v23.4GHz /3.8GHz CPU32GB3x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)
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Intel Xeon E3-SAT-1-323.2GHz /3.6GHz CPU16GB3x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)
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Intel Xeon E3-1245v23.4GHz /3.8GHz CPU32GB2x480 GB SSDIncluded100 GB (Included)
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Intel Xeon D-15202.2GHz /2.6GHz CPU32GB4x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)
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Intel Xeon E3-1231V34c/8t 3.4GHz /3.8GHz CPU32GB2x480 GB SSDIncluded100 GB (Included)
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Intel Xeon E3-1231v34c/8t 3.4GHz /3.8GHz CPU32GB4x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)
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Intel Xeon E5-1630v34c/8t 3.7GHz /3.8GHz CPU64GB4x2TB SATAIncluded100 GB (Included)
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Intel Xeon E5-1630v34c/8t 3.7GHz /3.8GHz CPU64GB2x480 GB SSDIncluded100 GB (Included)
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Dedicated Server Atlanta

There are many web hosts that offer dedicated servers in Atlanta. You will notice the difference, though, if you invest in Arzhost’s affordable Dedicated Servers Atlanta. We guarantee that your site will operate with the utmost control, security, and performance thanks to our dedicated hosting solutions.

Additionally, our dedicated servers offer you useful tools to manage and secure the hosting account for a fair price. Additionally, one-click setup and free website construction tools may appeal to you. You can load pages quickly, and we guarantee 99.90% uptime for you

Arzhost Dedicated Server Atlanta, Georgia

At Arzhost, our three guiding principles are speed, security, and size. No matter how much server space you need, we think there will always be enough speed to keep up, and enough protection to keep your stuff safe.

To this purpose, we have Atlanta dedicated servers that are created to satisfy the constantly changing requirements of the corporate business of the twenty-first century.

Our dedicated server in Atlanta is intended to provide businesses with a significant return on investment by enhancing the user experience for their clients.

We know how important a great server is to a company’s success, therefore we make sure to offer the best Dedicated Servers Atlanta thanks to our experience managing servers for admired companies.

Benefits of Arzhost Atlanta Dedicated Servers

This is why Arzhost offers a practical but inexpensive alternative. Atlanta is where our dedicated server is located.

1: Dedicated Solution Atlanta

The Arzhost Dedicated Servers Atlanta is at the forefront of offering a service that delivers standard hardware, a seamless network, ample storage capacity, and unmetered bandwidth. Numerous clients entrust us with their websites for a variety of reasons, including the servers’ superior stability, performance, and user-friendly navigation.

2: Dedicated Servers for Arzhost in Atlanta Bandwidth

Our dedicated servers are built to give your website unmetered bandwidth, ensuring stable performance even during data spikes, traffic increases, etc.

3: RAM and Speed

We make sure that our dedicated servers operate at their top speeds, resulting in short times of latency. Your website will never run out of room for storage or processing webpage requests if you use one of our dedicated servers.

Our servers range in memory size from 16 GB DDR2 to 2×480 SSD, which our customers find flexible and appealing. A good server is required to run websites that are laden with intricate designs and high-resolution graphics. What’s this? With our dedicated servers, we’ve got that covered.

4: Quick and Free Setup

You’d be shocked at how quickly it will happen once we decide to set up a server for a website. What can you perform in the smallest amount of time? Take a coffee break? consume pizza? peruse a magazine casually? Whichever it is, we promise that your website will be operational and error-free before you’re finished.

We start working as soon as we receive money for our services, and you can be ready to start doing business in as little as 15 minutes. Additionally, we don’t charge extra for the setup. Free setup is provided.

5: Support for Arzhost Server Client

We give our clients the most assistance they require since we understand how crucial it is for inquiries to be answered as quickly as possible. Our support team is available around-the-clock to handle any problems that might occur.

Additionally, we use our in-house engineers to resolve any issues and address issues as soon as they occur. Better still, our maintenance staff are continuously working to ensure that “fixes” are infrequently required.

6: Atlanta-based Dedicated Servers for a Cheap Trial

Yes, we are aware that choosing the plan that best meets your needs can be confusing. This is why we have a free trial period that aids in making the best decisions. A fully functional website can be created for you for as low as $5 per day.

Furthermore, during this trial period, you have the freedom to select the speed, location, storage capacity, and other features that you believe best meet your needs. If you’re still unsure about the plan to select after your trial period, you can choose to try it again. Talk about the flexibility you’re covered by us.

With Arzhost dedicated servers in Atlanta, Get better ranking

Rankings on search engines are crucial since they often raise the likelihood that business will improve.

The speed of loading and server dependability are two of the current metrics used to rank websites. The finest server to get is one that offers you the best performance and security, without a doubt. Just that is what our dedicated servers are made to do for you!

Our dedicated servers Atlanta at Arzhost are made to provide customers with more value than they pay for. The entire region is served by Arzhost’s dedicated servers in Atlanta, as well as the neighborhoods around. Why not get in touch with us right away and start your search for a better-dedicated server?

Hosting Company Opportunities in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area

The industry’s primary centre for business, infrastructure, healthcare, and telecommunications is the Atlanta Metro Area. Digital media, health IT, Fintech, software development, and engineering are the region’s primary industry drivers. Such a setting certainly draws technology firms looking to capitalize on Atlanta’s high-tech infrastructure and its highly educated and skilled population.

Atlanta entices IT decision-makers with its tax benefits for data centres and comparably cheaper costs of power and infrastructure components due to its proximity to Washington D.C., Dallas, Miami, and Charlotte/Raleigh.

Georgia-based data centres provide low pricing and top-notch services, and they are exempt from sales and use tax for qualified enterprises and a number of government stimulus programmes.

Atlanta’s grid is steady and strong thanks to the city’s abundance of natural gas and nuclear energy as primary sources of electricity. Atlanta is well-connected in terms of fibre and transit, and it is situated in a disaster-free region and is home to the busiest airport in the world.

How much time will the installation of my new Atlanta Dedicated Server take?

Arzhost is recognized for its speedy deployment and set up times. We’re able to do this because we have a specific division, our Provisioning Department, that focuses on constructing and racking servers. On weekdays, these servers will be put up the same day (within 24 hours) of receiving your purchase. Weekend orders are handled the following Monday.


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