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NameProcessorRamHardNetworkAnti DDOSOpenstack KVMPriceOrder
Starter VPS1 vCORE2 GB20 GB SSDUnlimitedPRO IncludedIncluded
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Value VPS1 vCORE2 GB40 GB SSD NVMeUnlimitedPRO IncludedIncluded
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Essential VPS2 vCORE4 GB80 GB SSD NVMeUnlimitedPRO IncludedIncluded
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Comfort VPS4 vCORE8 GB160 GB SSD NVMeUnlimitedPRO IncludedIncluded
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Elite VPS8 vCORE8 GB to 32 GB160 GB to 640 GB SSD NVMeUnlimitedPRO IncludedIncluded
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Buy VPS Server with Bitcoin

The 21st century brought with it innovation. One of the most recent innovations in cryptocurrency is a form of payment that can be sent securely and verifiably through the internet without the involvement of any central authority. Buy VPS Server with Bitcoin from Arzhost.

With its growing popularity, cryptocurrencies are being used in more and more markets. A virtual machine known as a virtual private server (VPS) is made available to you as a service to run your Forex virtual private server, VPN/Proxy server, host your website, host your files, and more.

Based on VMware ESXi hypervisors, buy our VPS Server with Bitcoin is housed on premium hardware that can accommodate several virtual machines.

Buy VPS Server with Bitcoin from Arzhost

Payment for your VPS using Bitcoin You can order a VPS with rapid deployment using bitcoin. For your server, various OSs are accessible. Your bitcoin wallet can be used to make virtual payments. We employ a payment service that accepts the transaction.

A global currency and payment system that is rising in popularity is bitcoin. It was first introduced in 2009, and since then, it has advanced significantly to earn widespread acclaim. Satoshi Nakamoto, the person who invented Bitcoin, unveiled it to the public as open-source software on January 3, 2009.

Since there is no central authority or middleman involved, Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network, and its user base is expanding quickly. More and more services are beginning to accept bitcoins because the number of people choosing to do so is constantly increasing.

Currently, both online and offline establishments in numerous nations accept Bitcoin. Bill payments, hotel bookings, money transfers to friends and family, and internet purchases can all be completed with bitcoins. Almost any circumstance can benefit from using bitcoin.

Bitcoin often has no transaction fees and allows quick, inexpensive, and convenient money transfers. Instant payments can be made from anywhere in the world and only take a few minutes.

Bitcoin is a very secure form of payment, in contrast to many others. Accounts are completely under the authority of the customers. Nobody is allowed to access another person’s account without that person’s consent. Personalized information is secure thanks to cutting-edge encryption techniques.

Arzhost Bitcoin VPS Hosting Services

All of our VPS server packages have a wealth of features that are specifically created for increased uptime, client happiness, and easily maintained servers. Buy VPS Server with Bitcoin from us!

1: Options for flexible software

In order to give you complete control over your environment and the ability to install apps or host websites on your VPS, we offer full root or administrative access.

2: Unlimited Bandwidth

All of our VPSs provide unlimited bandwidth. No more additional charges or server downtime as a result of exceeding a bandwidth allocation.

3: Security Guarantee

Our dependable enterprise network architecture and the substantial traffic bandwidth offered within our top-notch data centers enable us to deliver a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

4: A Quick Performance

We guarantee quick and consistent performance by utilizing RAID10 technology and top-tier powerful hardware on our VPS hosting servers.

5: Quick Delivery

All VPS services will be operational within 15 minutes, according to our guarantee. Your email address will be used to send you the activation information.

6: Microsoft Hypervisor

Based on the dependable and potent VMware ESXi hypervisor, Arzhost VPS services are offered. We give your virtual machine devoted resources and consistent performance.

7: Internal Light-Speed Network

The internal network in our data centers is based on fiber optic connections, allowing for almost negligible latency.

8: Payment Portals

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9: Professional Control Panel

cPanel and DirectAdmin control panels are used by default to manage all of our Linux hosting servers. The most popular and well-supported Linux server control panel available in the market is this one.

How is the Bitcoin VPS Hosting working?

Buy VPS Server with Bitcoin, you may make purchases without really using any of your hard currency. Your Bitcoin wallet is used immediately to make the payment. We use a payment service called Bit pay, which enables the transaction, to make it simpler for you to shift your fiat currency.

But you need to know that you can’t make your VPS Bitcoin reoccur. Furthermore, after you have sent a Bitcoin payment, you cannot request a refund.

You just need to make sure you read the terms and conditions page. A bitcoin VPS is the same as any other VPS purchased with other payment methods.


At Arzhost.com, we make sure that your website receives special consideration so that you can take advantage of all the benefits that VPS has to offer, like storage space, enhanced RAM, powerful CPU power, simple operating system upgrades, full control, and many more.

We also make utilizing bitcoins and other user-friendly payment methods very inexpensive and simple.

We will deliver the VPS package you choose, customized to meet your needs after you make your purchase. Then, you can connect directly to your Virtual Private Server using remote desktop software or access it using the control panel of your choice.

A VPS hosting company can deliver you a VPS with quick deployment and take Bitcoin as payment if they offer bitcoin virtual server hosting. They accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, making it simple for anyone regardless of where they are from to benefit from VPS programs.

The amount of time that your server is accessible to visitors and online is referred to as its uptime. Because of the potential for customer loss, if your website frequently goes down, especially when traffic is heavy, uptime is essential.


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