how to redirect a domain to another site

There are many ways to redirect the websites every website owner has its own technique to redirect his website. When we want how to redirect a domain to another site a question is rise that. When we redirect our domain does our mx record change or not. Answer is that our mx record will not change.

How to redirect a domain to another site

1. Redirect in c panel

                                 Sign in to cpanel and go to domain side, click on redirect icon.

redirect in cpanel

In Manu bar here are two types of redirect permanent (301) or temporary (302). We chose permanent (301) because it is place on server and browser level. 301 tells to the browser this is my permanent page and I don’t need to go back. 301 redirect is common, good and healthy for website. Search engine confess and index 301 redirect. And it is best for SEO. 302 redirect is use when we want to change our website in future. We use it for a short period. For a long period we can use 301.

permanent 301

2. Which domain redirect

In next step we select which domain we want to redirect. We can redirect all domains or simple choose one on which we redirect. In the first box we put our simple address e.g. But in the second box we add full address e.g. To complete all these steps then click on add button. If we want to redirect www to non-www it will also redirect. E.g. if we want to redirect then it will also redirect to

add link

3. Check Domain Redirect or Not

You can check that your domain is redirect or not. Below the add button you can see in current redirect box our redirected domains are shown below.

current directory

If you want to turn off your redirect you will be able to change in the host configuration.

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how to redirect http to https

If you have SSL certificate in your website. Then you can automatic redirect your visitors HTTP to HTTPS for a secure connection. In HTTPS ‘S’ shows that your communication is secure. But how to redirect http to https?

For example:

In this link‘s’ shows that arzhost website is secure.

There is nothing to do from your side. you enforce the site to use secure URL.

how to redirect http to https

For main domain enforce the SSL:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. In domain side click on domains

domain section

  1. After click on domains page is open and you can see that there is an option you can enable or disable HTTPS redirect. you should leave to enable it. If there is no option to on it. Then SSL is not installed in your domain. Make sure that SSL is install or not if not installed then installed it.

enable https

If this section is on then your site is using HTTPS.

  1. Enforce the SSL for addon name.
  2. Linux using .htaccess files for redirection. you will need to create .htaccess file in your control panel file manager.
  3. In cpanel click on file manager.

on file manager

  1. In file manager section click on setting.

click on setting

  1. Ensure that show hidden file is check and save.

check box hidden files

  1. Click on public_html

click on public_html

  1. In public_html click on .htaccess

If you have .htaccess file good. If you have not then click on file and name the file .htaccess and create it.

create htaccess file

  • Select the file .htaccess and click edit

edit htaccess file

  • If you created .htaccess file, use this code for setup the URL redirect HTTPS version for your website.


<ifmudule mod_rewrite.c>

Rewriteengine on

Rewritebase /

Rewriterule  ^index\.php$  – [ L ]

Rewritecond  %{REQUEST_FILENAME}  ! – f

Rewritecond  %{REQUEST_FILENAME}  ! –  d

Rewriterule      .   /index.php   [ L ]


  • If .htaccess file is already exit then don’t make duplicate rewritrengine on.
  • Ensure that lines start with rewriteenginecond and rewiteRule
  1. Save changes and close it. That’s all.






How much does an SSL certificate cost

Choosing a correct SSL (secure socket layer) certificate is a big challenge for website owner. you must choose correct SSL certificate because security should be your first priority. Which SSL certificate you choose. How much does an SSL certificate cost? it depend on your website rather it’s a blog website or ecommerce website. Both required a good SSL certificate. Now a day’s people have limited time to go in markets for shopping.

Now they prefer online shopping and payment through his cards. If your website has bad quality SSL then hacker can attack on your website. Might be possible that hacker steal data and use it on wrong way. you should make your website secure. Consumer should trust on you and they feel free to use your website. If you worried about the security of website. Then contact to arzhost and don’t think that how much does an SSL certificates cost. They provide you a good solution in reasonable price. There are different types of SSL certificate domain:

Validation, organization validation and extend validation.

1. Domain validation:

Domain validation is the basic secure level of website. you can buy in few minutes you will provide your email to arzhost. They send you an email you open it and you must ensure that the link which you receive from arzhost. Should start with webmaster, postmaster, hostmaster and administrator.

2. Organization validated certificate:

organization validated certificate is almost like domain validation. Organization validated is less popular and people didn’t use it. Most of the business man and different companies. In which they don’t share any identity or payment transaction they can use it.

3. Extend validation certified:

it is the most secure and popular certificate. If you want to use this certificate you provide your all information of domain and organization. Most of the ecommerce companies are using. People feel free to share his information and buy anything from website. When you buy online from any website you should see the green padlock. It show that the website is secure and trustful. 70% of companies are using to make his website secure.

How much does an SSL certificate cost

How can we register domain:

if you want to register your domain on then you follow these steps.

  1. Type on your browser.
  2. you are in arzhost website.

step 2 arz home page

3. Move the cursor on the store and click on it. you can see there are different services of arzhost.step 3 arz store

4. If you want to use the SSL service then click on it.

5. you are in the services of SSL and its packages.

step 5 arz ssl packages


6. Now choose any SSL e.g. you want to use comodo EV SSL click on it. And enter the required information.

step 6 choose domain

7. Arzhost provide all extension e.g. .com, .net, .biz, .info etc. we can choose any of them.

8. you can add your new domain.

9. you can transfer of domain from another registrar.

10. can can use your existing domain and update your name server.

we hope that you know that How much does an SSL certificate cost and different services of SSL.


how to add another email account to outlook 2016

Outlook is a web base application it is like Gmail. It is a Microsoft application by using outlook you can send and receive emails from your pc. Outlook has two versions Microsoft express outlook and Microsoft outlook. Microsoft express outlook was first introduce in window 98 to window XP. Microsoft outlook have latest features and it is powerful then express. If you want to use extra features of Microsoft outlook you will be pay for it. If you want to use Microsoft outlook you should know that how to create account in Microsoft outlook. and how to add another email account to outlook 2016.

how to add another email account to outlook 2016

  • Open outlook from pc search Manu
  • Click on FILE

open file

  • Click on add account

click on add account

  • On the next step what we see it’s depend on our outlook version.
  • If our outlook version is Microsoft 365 and outlook 2016

enter email address

Enter your email address and connect

  • If our outlook version is 2010 and 2013 then it will be look like this

email address and possword

Enter your name, email address and password.

In outlook version 2016:

2016 version

  • Enter email address
  • Click on advanced option and check box to let me set up account manual.
  • Click on connect

choose IMAP

  • What we choose POP or IMAP, IMAP is best.

IMAP settings

  • On the next window we need to enter incoming mail and outgoing mail.
  • Server is our arzhost mail server. For incoming server we use ‘ If we want to prefer POP connection then use ‘’. Outgoing mail server is always ‘’.
  • We should use only arzhost mail server name. Avoid to use subdomain name. otherwise we will get insecure warning if we use incorrect hostname.
  • If we use IMAP then use port 993. For outgoing port we use 465 or 587.

Port 465 is recommend with SSL. But some email clients are unable to use it.

If it is unable to use it then port 587 is best with STARTTLS.

  • Click on Next button

IMAP password

  • Enter your password and click on connect button

successful added

  • If all these steps are successful then we will get setup.









What type of information is contained in a dns mx record?

Mail exchange record are the dns record system which is deliver the email at your address. In other word mx record tells the user. Which email servers are accept the incoming mails and where sent emails are rout. If your mail exchange record is not pointed to the correct location then you didn’t get emails. There are many arzhost customer host their websites and mail server at arzhost. When you add email address then all emails related to dns record automatic created. you must know that what type of information is contained in a dns mx record?

what type of information is contained in a dns mx record?

Example of MX record: MX record contains two parts:

  1. Priority
  2. Domain name


  • In this example ‘0’ shows the priority.
  • Lowest value is your first priority.
  • is your mail server which you connect. Mail server is depending upon which company is hosting your emails.
  • If you have more than one servers and all have same priority then it choose one random.

If your name server is host by arz host then they control your mx record. If arz host is not hosting your name server then which company host the name sever. They can change your dns and mx record. If you want to use regular arzhost mail service using a domain non-arzhost name server. Then you can setup your custom dns mail record. At your outside dns provider using the mail dns information from your arzhost panel.



why is my upload speed so slow?

There are many reasons that’s make our internet speed slow. Sometime when we get connections from internet service provider (ISP). When we get high speed connection and we see that our upload speed is too slow then download speed. When a business man want to share heavy files to his clients. Files takes time to transfer and the company lost his valuable time. When a gamer play online games speed of internet should be very good. If upload speed is slow then he face many lags. When we upload files and send data anywhere we see that data transfer is very slow. There are many reasons for speed and people search for “why is my upload speed so slow“.

Reasons why is my upload speed so slow

  • Old hardware
  • Use of poor cables
  • Weak WI-FI security
  • Too many users
  • Problem from ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Data restrictions from ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Bad browser

Port and hardware problems:

When we have an 8MB connection and our cable or port support only 3MB upload speed. Then our internet speed will be slow. Sometime our router or DSL will be older that should be upgrade. Sometime our ISP’S have old hardware infrastructure. That will makes slow upload speed.

Wifi Security:

If WiFi password is not protected. Then unauthorized person can use Wi-Fi that makes the speed slow.

Bunch of devices:

Sometime too many devices connect to the internet that makes the internet speed slow. You can login to your router and check the status of connected devices.

How to increase upload speed?

If you have a Wi-Fi connection then use Ethernet cable it will boost your internet speed. Upgrade your hardware infrastructure and check your wires. They should be in good condition. Update your hardware drivers and software’s that will maximize your upload speed. Avoid to share your internet password to anyone. Use a good search engine and avoid slow browsers.

If you want to upload your heavy data or videos then don’t upload on peak time.

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